Piedmont Community Action (PCA) is a private non-profit agency which serves Spartanburg and Cherokee counties in the Upstate of South Carolina. Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment while low-income families can seek assistance that helps them to become less dependent upon government assistance. PCA strives to give low-income families a “hand-up”, not a handout, in the direction of self-sufficiency.

Piedmont Community Action was incorporated on February 25, 1966 as part of the War on Poverty. The agency evolved from the Spartanburg Economic Opportunity Commission which began in 1965. Today, as the largest independent, private, 501 (c) in Spartanburg and Cherokee counties, PCA assists more than 50,000 low-income individuals and families annually. PCA programs provide opportunities for individuals and families each year to improve their lives and contribute to their communities. PCA will continue to work with our many partners to increase opportunity and hope for low-income residents in Cherokee and Spartanburg counties