Community Services Block Grant Program (CSBG)


The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) creates strategic programs which provide a continuum of services to assist low-income individuals & families in becoming more financially independent. The CSBG offices provide community direct and case management services in Spartanburg and Cherokee counties.

The ROMA (Results Oriented Management & Accountability) structure is used for management and evaluation in measuring and reporting the outcomes on community actions.

Via the ROMA National Goals and partnership with supporters and providers of service to low-income families, we are able to help those we serve in achieving their potential in strengthening their family and becoming self-sufficient members and assets within their communities.

The vision of the Community Service Block Grant Program is to preserve and advance the self-sufficiency and well being of individuals and families through education, guidance and resources.

CSBG History

In 1955, a group of local citizens met at the Spartanburg County Library and began the planning process that started the Spartanburg Economic Opportunity (SE0), which later expanded to cover Spartanburg, Union, and Cherokee counties. Union was later transferred to Carolina Community Actions because of its planning district. Programs for this agency, renamed Piedmont Community Actions (PCA), became the Community Service Administration (CSA). In 1982, the programs were placed within the fabric of the Community Services Block Grant program (CSBG).

Board Composition

  • One third: elected public officials, holding office or designee.
  • One third: low-income families in the area; democratic selection procedure used.
  • One third: business, industry, labor, religious, law enforcement, education or other major groups and interests in the communities served.

CSBG Employment Training

The Employment Training Program at Piedmont Community Actions (PCA) offers a variety of services and classes designed to provide our clients with adequate training to overcome barriers to self-sufficiency. Our goal is to identify and build on each individual's strengths while providing the necessary training to enhance needed skills for gainful employment.
We attempt to find employment for our clients that will pay a salary above minimum wage and provide benefits necessary for self-sufficiency.

These training programs are free provided you meet the current Federal Poverty income eligibility guidelines. To enroll, you must bring proof of total household income for the past 30 days, a copy of your social security card, one picture I.D., and social security numbers for all members of your household.

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